Our Produce

The farm has its own head of Pedigree Hereford cattle, flock of Southdown/Easycare sheep and a litter of Berkshire pigs. The farm is Pasture for Life certified and on route to gaining Organic Status.

Our Pedigree Herefords

Our gorgeous herd of Pedigree Herefords are a true native rare breed and an impressive looking, thick set, gentle giant of the cow world. These guys wander freely across 75 acres of untouched grass and meadows in the Essex countryside. They are only ever fed hay and haylage in addition to their natural diet of the various grasses, flowers and shrubs that they love to forage on. Our Cattle are 100% free range, grass fed and grain free.

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Our Southdowns & Easycares

The Easycare breed was brought to life in the 1960s when a Welsh Mountain and a Wiltshire Horn were crossed. Their most favoured attributes being that they shed their wool and lamb with ease, creating a breed that needs minimal human touch points which in turn increases their welfare and allows for simple maintenance. We have crossed them with a Southdown ram to provide what we believe to be a fantastic example of what our country has to offer - a real native cross breed. Our Sheep are

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Our Berkshires

Another rare breed originating from Reading, Berkshires were listed as vulnerable across the globe in 2008 but thankfully since then we have seen a rise in popularity, in part due to the breed being deemed “Wagyu Pork” in Japan. Another beautiful animal with real character, our pigs roam freely and make up the majority of their diet through foraging the roots, mud and grassy areas. The rest of their diet is made up solely of vegetation and a bespoke organic blend of daily essentials. They are 100% free range, 100% outdoor bred and 1 million percent happy :).

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