The Benefits of Grass Fed Farming - For You, Them and The World at Large!

Modern day farming is taking its toll on the planet, it’s animals and our health. In the pursuit of affordable meat and increased productivity, farmers are neglecting animal welfare and producing inferior quality meat. The solution to this is grass-fed farming – following Pasture for Life principles to offer premium meat which is as good for you as it tastes! Read on to discover the sustainable, ethical and delicious benefits of going grass-fed.


Pasture for Life: Nature’s Diet

The natural diet of cattle and sheep is pasture – grasses, legumes, wildflowers and herbs which grow in abundance on the land. Grazing animals thrive in the great outdoors, munching all day on the feed that Mother Nature provides for them!

The Pasture for Life Standards were developed by a small group of British farmers to identify 100% grass-fed foods. Meat and dairy carrying the Pasture for Life mark has been certified as raised on pasture and grass only.

Think of it as the seal of approval to guarantee your meat has not been raised on any form of grain or manufactured feed. This sets it apart from other ‘grass-fed’ claims which are too often ambiguous, unregulated or else used solely as a marketing ploy.

Choosing pasture for life produce gives you transparency and confidence in the food you eat for sure. What’s more, there’s a plethora of health, sustainability and animal welfare benefits to be reaped from going grass-fed – read on for some food for thought!


Grass-Fed for You

As the saying goes – “you are what you eat” – and in the case of meat-eaters we propose that this applies to the animals and what they consume. If you eat poor quality meat which has been fed a diet designed solely to encourage quick growth, you can’t expect that the resultant meat to be too good for you!

In comparison, livestock raised on an all-natural, pasture-based diet have been shown to be far more nutritious than their grain-fed counterparts.

Grass-fed met has been shown to be higher in these health-boosting nutrients:

·      Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Pasture-fed meat provides a natural source that isn’t artificially modified. CLA has been shown to have cancer-fighting properties.

·      Glutathione – One of the most powerful antioxidants in the body, glutathione works to eliminate toxins and destroy free radicals which can build-up and lead to disease.

·      Omega-3 fatty acids – Grass-fed meat contains50% higher levels than those found in grain-fed, as well as a better balance of Omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acids – which reduces inflammation and promotes heart health.

·      Vitamins and Minerals – Grass-fed meat provides higher dose of B Vitamins, beta-carotene (precursor to Vitamin A), Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus – which means it’s better for your energy levels, vision, skin, hair and nails compared with conventionally produced meat.

As well as being a great source of things we need more of – healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – grass-fed meat is also free from harmful substances commonly found in grain-fed meat. This can include pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics routinely used in non-organic farming.

Last but not least, grass-fed meat is higher in TASTE! Stress-free animals produce better quality meat which has a distinct flavour and unique cooking qualities. Despite being lower in total fat than grain-fed, grass-fed meat is marbled with the healthy fats that provide masses of meaty flavour.


Grass-Fed for Them

Grass-Fed farming is not only better for us but also for animals and wildlife. Feeding livestock the way nature intended restores the natural balance between man and beast – encouraging the health and happiness of farm animals.

If you’re an ethical consumer whose moral compass guides food choice, you can rely on the Pasture for Life mark to guarantee the following:

·      Happier Animals – Allowed to roam free in their natural environment for a lifetime, pasture for life animals enjoy a natural diet, fresh air and the light of day

·      Healthier Animals – Providing animals with plenty of space reduces stress levels and prevents the spread of disease

·      Respect and Integrity – Grass-Fed animals have minimal human touch points– this helps them to remain calm and live their lives peacefully

Animal welfare is at the heart of our farming. Every animal is reared under free range practices and allowed the space to roam freely - cattle have at least one acre per animal to graze on turning over the grass and naturally fertilising the land for generations to come. Who knew going to the toilet could be so forward thinking!!

Their natural diet allows them to grow at their own pace and mature later to enjoy a longer lifespan. This is in stark contrast to the factory farming industry which is designed to provide meat as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Choosing Pasture for Life produce is one way you can do your bit for the animals, contributing to a happy and healthy life that’s as stress free and close to nature as possible!


Grass-Fed for the Planet

As if the amazing benefits to our health and animal welfare weren’t enough, turns out going grass-fed is also incredibly sustainable. In fact, pasture for life produce has a net positive impact on the environment – hoorah!

Here’s a brief breakdown of why Pasture for Life produce is the sustainable choice for meat eaters: 

·      Lower Emissions – Animals eat from the land they occupy, which removes the need to transport thousands of tonnes of grains for feed, in turn lowering harmful vehicle emissions that damage the environment.

·      Lower Greenhouse Gases – A natural diet of grass produces less methane, whilst grazing has been shown to have a positive impact on climate change through something called ‘soil sequestration’.

·      Protects Precious Ecosystems – Using methods such as rotational grazing allows time for grass to recover and regrow, whilst free-roaming animals deposit minerals back into the soil in the form of manure – feeding into the circle of life and natural nutrient flow of ecosystems.

·      No Herbicides or Pesticides – These are used in non-organic farming to increase the yield of crops and kill-off unwanted plants and pests, but they also remove some species of wildlife which are vital for pollination and fertilisation. Farming without these harmful substances protects the land to bring back true habitats where wildlife can thrive, in and around the farm.


So the Grass may well be Greener…


We hope you’ve gained a greater understanding of the benefits of grass-fed farming, for the holy trinity of us, the animals and the planet! Don’t get us wrong, technology is amazing, but there’s nothing quite as wondrous as nature. We believe that Pasture for Life farming is Mother Nature’s gift to the meat industry, and that everyone can be a winner with grass-fed produce!



Coxtie Green Farm is a family run, Pasture for Life certified smallholding based in Brentwood, Essex. Alongside Thomas Joseph Butchery, the farm produces 100% grass fed, free range Beef and Lamb alongside Pork reared to organic standards.


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