Welcome to the Jungle!

Hello guys and a big warm welcome to all of you from the team at Coxtie Green Farm and Thomas Joseph Butchery! We are so excited to be finally kicking our online business off and maybe a tad nervous, we really have no idea what the next 12 months has in store! Hopefully it will be full of lots of parcels of our lovely grass fed produce and hundreds of smiles from our fantastic customers :).

The idea behind our blog is twofold. One, for conversation and articles on any fun topics that we have encountered over the week including farm visits, livestock info, butchery skills, cooking methods and anything generally amusing! And secondly, to give you lovely people lots of unbiased, research based information on the health benefits of eating grass fed produce and adopting the primal/paleo/bulletproof based way of eating that we have come to find so beneficial to our lives! We cannot emphasise enough that since adopting these dietary strategies, our health in all areas has gone through the roof; most notably in mental clarity and performance! For those that also slurp down Bulletproof coffee in the mornings, you know how we feel ;) there really is nothing quite like that early morning buzz!

We hope that the info you see enlightens you, brings a smile to your face and maybe gives you that thought that we’ve all said to ourselves once or twice, “well you learn something new every day aye?!”

Best wishes,

Tom and the CGF Team