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Galician Prime Rib-Roast

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The Galician Beef, commonly know now as Spanish Wagyu, is an out and out showstopper. The depth of flavour, the yellow fat and the marbling all come together to make one hell of a roasting joint, fit for a King! French trimmed and with minimal rib cap, this is a joint made up of pure steak meat, the pertinent question is, how many loved ones to share it with!

Rubia Gallega cattle (Galician Beef) are reared naturally, outside, where they are allowed to roam freely across the Hills of Galicia. In Spain, it is the norm to take cattle to 8-12 years before slaughter and this is what we believe creates the standout flavour in this special product.

Galcian Beef has fast become a staple at Thomas Joseph - if you want the best roasting joint there is (and maybe ever will be!), then this is for you!