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Dry-Aged Ex-Dairy Sirloin On The Bone

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Always over 5 years old, our Ex-Dairy Sirloin On the Bone is a serious investment. Glorious marbling, yellow fat and a flavour that is out of this world good. These are without question, AWESOME! Never have we come across such distinctive flavour and texture, just looking at them makes us hungry!

The Ex-Dairy cattle are always rested for a minimum of 12 months out on pasture and fed grass before making their journey here which not only alleviates stress but produces a superior product. TLC is the key to great tasting MEAT!

The marbling in this picture is extremely strong, some animals will marble just like this and other’s will marble a little less, please do not be disheartened if the sirloin on the bone you receive has less marbling than the picture you see here - it will still taste awesome!